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Michael & Patty Smith

Our country is in turmoil, our representatives being bought out by crony capitalism. We need to all pray for America and our leaders. Please pray specifically for our leaders to ask God for guidance. Pray that our representatives will feel the need to uphold the oath they took upon entering office. Americans need to stand arm in arm to speak out and demand that our representatives listen to us and vote accordingly. 
Stay strong and don't back down!

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Jeremy Dodge
Jeremy's love for music started
at the age of 4 when his Dad
took him to his first rock concert.           
Recently God led him to write a
political song which resulted in
"Stand Up" which was writen in
just five minutes! His battle-cry is,
Stand up and don't back down,
          We are America!

"Rise" (Change the Game), a great rockin' tune by Jeremy!


 A retired Air Force Senior 
 Master Sergeant, blessed with 
 musical talent and a great
 American spirit. Lisa is a writer for                BigHollywood.com and Smart Girl            Nation. This lady is a major player
 in our grassroots movement to
 take this country back.                                                
 Lisa's great song, "Referendum".

Michael was born in Syracuse, NY and
developed his singing and musical                       skills since early childhood. He merged                 his talents with his passionate life
experiences to create unforgettable 
 He has been a singer
and promoter for Calvin Klein in 
NY and appeared on national TV
on the music video for his original
song, "Time For You to Go".  

listen to "Time For You to Go" now or watch the video.
Rebecca Henricks

She's an astronaut's wife, born and raised in Texas, and great American patriot. She's singing straight from her heart with a unique blend of country and bluegrass.  Rebecca's song "Sandbox", is a southern-rock tribute to Americans overseas. Proceeds benefit the Veteran's Airlift Command. She also has a song called, "Soldier's Mom", which is a very moving and thought provoking song.  



"Soldiers Mom" A beautiful and moving tribute to the woman who waits for her child to return home. by Rebecca

"Sandbox" by Rebecca

Jerry Jennings

Jerry Jennings has an energy on the
guitar that is reminiscent of many of
the old school blues-rockers like
Clapton, Beck, Farner and Gilmore.
Jerry developed his playing style in
the 80's, traveling the globe as a
sideman in many styles; mainly blues,
rock, jazz and country. In the 90's
he began composing and currently
has three jazz rock fusion albums, the
third of which, "Shortcut to the Center"
is produced by Ronnie Montrose.
Jerry's newest song, "Guns of Freedom"
was written after finding himself obsessed
with freedom over the past decade or so.

"Guns of Freedom"  By Jerry and watch the video here.
Nate Smoove

The words of Nate’s songs best describe him.
Self-assured and aware, passing on the wisdom
of a life well lived. This is not a seminar of right and wrong, more so, real thoughts on real issues
presented in a musical setting that will make
you want to move. Clean, positive hip-hop mixed
with a little Jazz, R & B, Gospel and even a touch
of Rock.
                                                           Nate asked some of his friends along for "The Bro's Gotta Go"
Check out his newest video, "What's Your Concern?"
Michael E. Smith

I'm  just one guy....I wanted to know....what could one guy do to get in the battle for the soul of this great Nation? I wrote my songs. I believe every artist on this page writes and performs first and foremost from the passion in their hearts for America.
Together...We are a force to be reckoned with!
God Bless the Patriot Musicians.
 "Freedom Freight", a great song about the growth and power of the Great American Patriots, the Tea Party.
CHRIS ROSS   .....was introduced to the sounds of the 60's
 and 70's by his father, a rabid music fan,
 and he has had the passion for music ever
 since. It is easy to hear these influences in 
 his music today. His sound is a combination
 of modern acoustic pop and classic 70's
 acoustic rock. He is blessed with an ability to
 present lyrics and melodies that display the
 passion for America and our freedom.            
 "Liberty", an awesome song that will have you singing along!

                                                                                                                                                       ...who's song, "Rise Up," was used in the
Tea Party movie and has strengthened our
grass roots movement.
Jeremy can make Patriots jump up and
get marching with this inspirational 
Tea Party theme song.                           

Listen to Jeremy's famous song  "Rise Up"

Battle Hymn of the Republic,  sung by Michael

24 Hour Patriots from Northern California has a dynamite internet radio show every Sunday morning, 8-10 a.m. PST. Great speakers every time, about current issues. Erin and Elizabeth host this awesome show with a patriot chat room that you can join. Archives are available of past shows. 
Lots of fun and very informative.

Join Mark Kent and sister Lyndia as they bring you guests covering subjects from geo-engineering to Lybia. Mark brings experience and logic to you about the stock market, precious metals and more.
Some of our favorite artists....
                         In no particular order....
                                           We Love them all !!!
Jeannie Hinck                                                                                                             
singer/songwriter/entertainer and part owner of a country music hall, called "The Little Ole Opry Co."
Jeannie's writing began in the form of songs and ballads.  For most baby boomers, songs of protest and social injustice became a big part of America's musical consciousness and Jeannie carries on that tradition with  "Grandma Is A Radical,"  a protest song for today's, modern, political atmosphere.  Jeannie's use of humor dispels some of the bitterness of the opposition, as she delivers her own, personal expression of social injustice. We hope you will give  it a listen.            

"Political Prisoner", a tribute to political prisoners everywhere.

Brion, a great American patriot, has a great
Tea Party song titled, “It’s Time To Party”,
using video footage from rallies across
America. Please watch the video and get
a true look at the American patriots. His
awesome voice is a huge asset in the
movement to take America back. 

This is a cool song," It's Time to Party" by Brion

Krista Branch

Krista has a beautiful voice, and we will hear more about this lady! She is a devoted wife, mother, patriot and a woman of deep faith. She has traveled sharing her gifts in the U.S., Guatamala and Slavakia.


"I Am America" written by her husband, Pastor Michael Branch.

is an extremely talented singer/songwriter, financial advisor, and Tea Party member who has discovered the importance of living from the inside out. His guitar was a life raft and steady friend through the white waters of adolescence and now through our current 
turbulent times. As you are about to find out, Chip is an amazing writer. You can keep up with his writings and renew your American patriotism at http://shutupnsing.wordpress.com/  

This is a truly inspiring song by Chip "Independence Day"
    Toots is a New York City original, 
     the only conservative urban funk 
     rock artist. He combines passion for 
     music with his love of country to 
     create a refreshing new sound with 
     a powerful message. Toots says, 
     "keep on keepin' up the good                                    fight, spreading the truth cause
     this party 
is just gettin' started and                            together let's take back America, 
     one song at a time!"
"Pirate in the White House", a great parody by Toots.
Joe Horn

A native of Oregon, Joe Horn has been playing music since he was old enough to hold a guitar. He is known as one of the best in the Northwest. His music is written with the passion of a patriot, and it cuts straight to the American soul. Joe is one of the good guys who helps his fellow man.

"Who Will Remember Their Cause" from the Borrowed Time CD.
Ashley Wineland

Ashley Wineland is a 15 year old singer/songwriter. She lives in Arizona and has just released her first EP, "Red, White and Blue." The title track Red, White and Blue was written by her, to honor veterans and currently active service men and women. 100% of the proceeds of this song will be donated to charities that help our Veterans and their families.

Hear Ashley's song "Red, White and Blue", purchase it at Reverbnation.


                              Anne Marie is a singer-
with great
                              talent. With inspiration

                              from God and a love for
                              our great nation she is an
                              asset to our grass-roots
                              movement. Her song, "Walk 
                              the Streets in Anger",
                              describes how many
                              Americans are feeling.
                              She is a very active
                              patriot, we are blessed
                              to call her friend.
 "They Change the Rules", true lyrics here!
Joe Dan Gorman
     Joe Dan is one of the original patriots. 
     A radical to some, he has had one of his              many videos banned from YouTube. 
     Deemed too extreme for some social 
     sites. Owner & producer of Joe Dan                    Media and creator/host of the great                    Intellectual Frog Legs, you don't want 
     to miss his humor and talent.

"We Will Not Go Down Without a Fight", the perfect song for every patriot. Thanks Joe Dan!


...grew up in Texas where all kinds
of music was played in his home.
The combination of 
all of the great
music steered him down 
the road
he is on today. Dee is 
conservative, capitalist and believes
our constitution. "God, Family
and Country" is 
his creed! His song,
"The Uniform", is dedicated 
to our 
troops, veterans and their families.

Turn it up for Dee!     "The Colors I Fly"
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